Neva's White Night on the East River

Trustees of RACC and Dr. Regina Khidekel, Director cordially invite you to Neva's White Night on the East River.

Event Venue:

The Peking
South Street Seaport, East River Pier 16 (Fulton & South Streets)
New York, NY

Event Date:

July 29, 2003

July 29, 2003, 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Trustees of RACC and Dr. Regina Khidekel, Director cordially invite you to
Neva's White Night on the East River

An exciting and glamorous evening, aboard New York City's landmark ship the Peking, recalling the grand celebrations of the White Nights in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Venice of the North. Set against panoramic views of Manhattan's skyline, costumed personalities from Russia's great historic past welcome you aboard a dramatic and illuminated deck where a night of art and entertainment beckons.

Please join us for a rare and extraordinary presentation of Theatrical Assemblies
Conceptualized by Peter the Great in the early 18th century, Theatrical Assemblies integrate the audience in an interactive stage performance of music and dance from around the world. From the minuet to the tango, costumed actors will transport you hundreds of years back to a St. Petersburg long forgotten.

The evening will also include:

A live auction featuring art, ballet memorabilia and merchandise from around the world
An all-night cocktail reception and tasting including traditional Russian and various ethnic cuisines from select NYC restaurants
Live Jazz and Dancing throughout the evening on the Upper Deck

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
7:00 pm-11:00 pm
(Performance begins promptly at 7:30 pm)

Parking is available

Festive Attire
Ticket price: $150.00/per person (tax deductible)
For tickets call: (212) 744-5168, 917-402-7897 and 646-270-8448, or email:

Send check/money order to:
The Russian-American Cultural Center
500 East 77 Street # 316, New York, NY 10021

Our Neva's White Night on the East River is dedicated to St. Petersburg's 300-year anniversary. As triumphant ships sailed across St. Petersburg's glorious Neva River, shadows of their masts danced upon the city's extravagant palaces and monuments. For citizens of St. Petersburg, celebrations on the Neva River were as much a part of their tradition as fireworks are for New Yorkers on the 4th of July. Both acts evoke pride in their distinct cultures while paying tribute to history.

Our event offers an opportunity to recreate a moment of St. Petersburg's past while paying tribute to our own historical city, New York. We look forward to creating a celebratory and carnivalesque setting on the historic waterfront in New York City.

He thought:

Here, Swede, beware - soon by our labor
Here a new city shall be wrought,
Defiance to the haughty neighbor.
Here we at Nature's own behest
Shall break a window to the West,
Stand planted on the ocean level;
Here flags of foreign nations all
By waters new to them will call
And unencumbered we shall revel.

--Alexander Pushkin