About RACC

Learn more about RACC's history, mission, and the people behind our efforts.


The Russian American Cultural Center (RACC) was founded in 1998 and earned its tax-exempt 501 (3) (c) status in 1999. In the past years, the Russian American Cultural Center (RACC) has been responsible for facilitating cultural exchanges among the Russian-speaking population of New York City and other cultural communities across the Tri-State area. The Russian American Cultural Center (RACC) has also succeeded in bringing the best of today’s Russian culture to New York City. The Russian American Cultural Center (RACC)’s programming has consisted of numerous art exhibitions, literature readings, performing arts events, film screenings, and intellectual symposiums. We are currently working to expand our educational programming as well as our program for emerging and mid-career artists through ongoing exhibitions and an online virtual gallery.


We are proud to report that we have an active audience/member demographic of more than 6,000 people representing diverse ethnicities and nationalities. Although our core focus is on the Russian-American and Russian-speaking community, the Russian American Cultural Center (RACC) welcomes everyone interested in Russian art, history, and culture. We are an inclusive organization. All of our events are bi-lingual (in English and Russian), and we are open to the public, serving audience members of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of national origin, ethnicity, race, religion, orientation, or economic status.


The majority of our following comes from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, but we draw from the entire Tri-State Area. We are also committed to building our audience base to include tourists, visiting businesspeople, and a broad cross-section of city residents, business owners, government officials, and fellow not-for-profit organizations and their members throughout the five boroughs.