Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre by Duki Dror, Yossi Bloch followed by a Q&A

Russian-American Cultural Center with support from COJECO presents:

Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre by Duki Dror, Yossi Bloch

followed by a Q&A

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Event Venue:

UJA-Federation of New York 130 E 59th St, New York, NY 10022

Event Date:

Tuesday, April 9, 7 PM

Piecing together dramatic eyewitness accounts from survivors and first responders, with real time footage collated from multiple sources, “Supernova” provides a harrowing and detailed rundown of the massacre carried out by Hamas that took place at the Nova music festival in Re’im, a few kilometers from the Gaza Strip on the morning of October 7th:


In this moving film, festival attendees and first responders take us through their harrowing stories of survival, the indescribable horrors they witnessed, and their struggle to find their way back to life. Captured in the almost immediate aftermath - their trauma and raw emotions are clearly visible. 


The massacre at the Supernova Festival in the Negev desert marks a historic turning point for Israel: On October 7th, 2023 at 06:30 AM, Hamas terrorists broke through the borders from Gaza into Israel, launching a planned and coordinated attack. Among their targets - a yearly techno music festival with over 3500 young revelers in attendance. Soon the festival grounds turned into a scene of horror: Over 370 people were brutally murdered, hundreds wounded and 40 kidnapped and taken as hostages. The festival attack at Re’im was one of Hamas' first targets and the start of the war that continues to this day.


In this emotional film, survivors, first responders and parents recount their stories and the horrors they witnessed. Filmed just a few days after the events, their trauma is evident, their grief over friends lost is palpable, their continued fear is apparent.


The attacks were documented in real time, and for the first time - by both perpetrators and victims. Using materials meticulously collected from dozens of sources, including Hamas’ own cameramen and GoPros, survivors’ mobile phones, CCTV footage, dash cams and from first responders on site-providing unprecedented insight into the massacre.




Yossi Bloch

Duki Dror


Research and Script

Noam Pinchas

Yossi Bloch

Steven Galling


Director of Photography

Uri Ackerman



Dima Keidar

Maya Stark

Jens Greuner


Executive Producers

Danna Stern

Arthur Essebag

Reinhardt Beetz



Duki Dror

Reinhardt Beetz

Eva Fouquet




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About the Directors:


Yossi Bloch


Yossi Bloch is a globally renowned artist based in Tel Aviv, with a portfolio spanning international projects as well as local endeavors in Israel. His works include documentaries, such as Netflix's "The Devil Next Door," in addition to his impactful work within the Israeli artistic scene. His latest project involved creating a video artwork displayed in a Tel Aviv gallery, delving into the essence of a well-known military scandal involving Elor Azarya. Bloch's artistic focus lies in the exploration of social conflicts, skillfully depicting the most vulnerable aspects as central protagonists in his narratives.



Duki Dror


Duki Dror Darwish is an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker. He was born in Tel Aviv and studied at UCLA and Columbia College in Chicago. His extensive body of work spans across numerous subjects and forms, including character-based journeys, experimental biographies, investigative documentaries, and historical epics, earning him international recognition and success. With a pronounced sensitivity, innovative style, and captivating storytelling, Dror creates parables that convey human dilemmas and challenge the viewer's conventions.