International Lazar Khidekel Award for innovative and ecological decisions in architecture

Inspired by the groundbreaking and innovative ideas of architectural visionary Lazar Khidekel.

Event Venue:

"Architectural Fall" Festival
Minsk, Belarus

Event Date:

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lazar Khidekel, one of the founders of UNOVIS, a student of Marc Chagall, El Lissitzky and Kazimir Malevich, is world-famous as the world's first Suprematist architect, innovator, artist, author of the first architectural and ecological manifesto of the XX century and projects of future cities and eco-cities.

In Switzerland, Khidekel is called the first “green” architect. In the 1920-30s Lazar Khidekel creates futuristic visionary projects such as space housing projects, Garden City, Aero-city, Acqa-city, suggesting a humane way of civilization development, where caring for the individual and nature are equally important. In his projects, the cities of the future are close to a person who acquires the opportunity to live on earth, enjoy its fruits, admire natural landscapes, breathe clean air, and at the same time preserve the ecology of the earth.

Architects such as Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind recognized that the influence of Suprematism was decisive in their work. "In my view Lazar Khidekel is one of the greatest of innovators in architecture in our times. His conception of space, function, and modernity is something which has inspired me ever since I discovered his drawings. In Khidekel's work the word 'innovation' is not a footnote but is the central spirit of his buildings." - Daniel Libeskind.

Lazar Khidekel used to say: “We will be understood in 100 Years”. It turned out to be prophetic, and exactly 100 years later, Belarus will recall the world-renowned genius!

The prize will be awarded to participants of the Minsk International Biennale of Young Architects LEONARDO 2019 AWARD and the Republican Competition for Diploma Projects. The Lazar Khidekel family will come from New York specially for the award ceremony to personally present the prize to the winners.

The international jury include LEONARDO 2019 AWARD judges, led by President of the International Union of Architects Thomas Vonier from the United States, and jury members from Lazar Khidekel Society. Its chairman is the world famous architect and designer Mark Khidekel, the son of Lazarus Hidekel, who will be presenting the award. He will come to Minsk with his son, architect Roman Khidekel, and his wife Regina Khidekel, a doctor of art history, one of the leading experts on the art of Lazar Kidekel and UNOVIS. The jury includes famous architect Rick Bell (USA), Martina Bigliardi (Switzerland), and Daniel Libeskind (USA).

Lazar Khidekel is an image that can serve as a creative impulse for contemporaries. The ideas of Lazar Khidekel still remain the most advanced and innovative, while they originated in Belarus before anything like this was created in the world.

The project in Belarus is initiated by Центр белорусско-еврейского культурного наследия (Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center), supported by
Lazar Khidekel society
А1 Беларусь
Белорусский союз архитекторов (Belarusian Union of Architects)
Музей истории Витебского народного художественного училища (Museum of the Vitebsk People Art School)



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