Lazar Markovich Khidekel, Rediscovered Suprematist 2

Curated by Dorothea Strauss, Director of the Haus Konstruktiv Museum, in co-operation with Ettore Gualtiero Robbiani.

Event Venue:

The Leuenhof
Bahnhofstrasse 32

Event Date:

January 25, 2012 to March 15, 2012

January 25, 2012, 6:30 PM (opening). On view January 25, 2012 to March 15, 2012

In January of this year, Clariden Leu supported the first-time exhibition in Western Europe about the life and work of the Russian avant-garde artist Lazar Khidekel which took place at the Haus Konstruktiv Museum in Zurich. We are now delighted to invite you to the follow-up exhibition held at the historic Leuenhof building on Bahnhofstrasse: "Lazar Khidekel – the Rediscovered Suprematist, Part 2".

The current exhibition presents previously unexhibited work and architectural models according to original plans. Over 150 works are on display, documenting his development from Cubo-Futurism to Suprematism, including his urban-development designs for a green city, which from today's perspective seem foresighted, almost prophetic. The private viewing will be followed by an Apéro Riche offering plenty of opportunities for informal and lively discussions. The son of the artist and his wife, Regina and Mark Khidekel, will be present. We look forward to welcoming you to this exclusive art event and to spending an enjoyable evening with you.