Lazar Khidekel (1904–1986). Towards the History of the Russian Avant-Garde.

The first display of works by Lazar Khidekel, the first suprematist architect, to be held in Russia.

Event Venue:

The State Russian Museum | The Stroganov Palace
St. Petersburg, Russia

Event Date:

On view November 21, 2018 - January 21, 2019

Opening: November 21, 2018 | 4:00 PM

Lazar Khidekel (1904–1986) was a prominent figure of the Russian avant-garde, the first suprematist architect. One of the followers and associates of Kazimir Malevich, he took part in the establishment of the UNOVIS (“The Champions of the New Art”) group, conceived by Malevich as a “suprematist party.” Committed to the style of Suprematism, Khidekel worked in Leningrad as an architect and designer. 

In the 1930s, Khidekel suffered the same fate as other artists of the so-called “formalist wing,” having been practically banned from taking part in exhibitions. A collection of his works was preserved by his family. Over five last years, part of it has been shown at museums around the globe. The exhibition at the Russian Museum is the first display of works by Khidekel to be held in Russia.

The exhibition includes over 80 artworks, including Khidekel’s futuristic projects (cities of the future, cities in the outer space, the Garden City, the Aerial City, the Water City) as well as projects of buildings that were constructed, such as those on Malookhtinsky and Moskovsky Prospects, Gorokhovaya Street, Cinema Theater “Moscow” on Staro-Petergofsky Prospect, and others. 


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