2007 Annual RACC Gala

2007 RACC Annual Gala & Benefit Art Auction at Sotheby's has drawn many friends, supporters, sponsors and press.

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2007 RACC Annual Gala & Benefit Art Auction at Sotheby's has drawn many friends, supporters, sponsors and press. This evening of art, charity and glamour included exquisite music entertainment, a silent and live art auctions of selected art works, including some taken directly from our recent exhibit "Family Album. Artists from St. Petersburg" (catalog is available upon request), as well as works donated by the artists and collectors. We also presented works from different periods of the 20th century Russian art, such as Russian Avant-garde, Socialist Realism, Non-conformist art and Russian stage design.

We are delighted to announce that Honorable Scott M. Stringer, Manhattan Borough President, was our 2007 Gala Honoree. His encouragement and support in the establishment of a permanent home for RACC & Museum is greatly appreciated both by the Center and the Russian-American community.

We would like to thank our friends, supporters and sponsors for participating in the RACC Gala at Sotheby's. We hope that you had a chance to enhance/start your own art collection with true masterworks and support the RACC in its efforts to provide high quality events and strengthening the image of our community. Benefactors of the auction have their names and personal / business information published in our 2007 Gala Art Auction Catalog (available upon request).

The exhibition, silent and live art auctions featured works of the following artists:
Nikolai Roerikh (1874-1947)
Vassili Belyashin (1878-1929)
Georgy Narbut (1886-1920)
Elizaveta Kruglikova (1865-1941)
Vladimir Favorsky (1886-1964)
Nikolai Akimov (1901-1968)
Meer Axelrod (1902-1970)
Tatiana Bruni (1902-2001)
Boris Erdman (1899-1960)
Georgy Fitingof (1905-1975)
Gregory Gordon (b.1909)
Vladimir Gremitskikh (1916-1991)
Anatoly Kaplan (1902-1980)
Victor Perelman (1892-1967)
Konstantin Rudakov (1891-1949)
Pavel Tchelitchew (1898-1957)
Alexander Arefiev (1931-1978)
Evgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko (1932-1988)
Aleksander Zverev (1931-1986)
Maria Gorokhova (1903-1991)
Ivan Sevastianov (b.1920)
Valera (b.1948) & Natasha Cherkashin (b.1958)
Mark Khidekel (b.1946)
Natta Konisheva (b.1935)
Leonid Lerman (b.1953)
Alexander Manusov (1947-1990)
Anatoly Belkin (b.1953)
Igor Ganikovsky (b.1950)
Alexander Makhov (b.1944)
Viacheslav Mikhailov (b.1945)
Vladimir Ovchinnikov (b.1941)
Lev Tabenkin (b.1952)
Uldis Zemzaris (b.1928)
Matvei Basov (b.1950)
Julia Bedriy (b.1981)
Boris Borsh (b.1948)
Alla Davidova (b.1946)
Robert Lotosh (b.1953)
Anatoly Zaslavsky (b.1939)
Aron Zinshtein (b.1947)

Photography by Patrick McMullan Photography, Vitaly Orlov, and Roman Khidekel