Russian-Israeli Art: Then and Now

RACC and Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York present "Russian-Israeli Art: Then and Now."

Event Venue:

The Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts
172 Norfolk Street

Event Date:

February 9, 2011

 Wednesday, February 9, 7:00 PM

Over the past decade, a number of Israeli artists have entered the international gallery and museum scene in an unprecedented way. At the same time, a new caste of artists is making its name in Israel, where the local art establishment has itself grown in a way never before witnessed. And tottering between these global changes has been a combination of old-guard Soviet expatriates and new guard young Russian-speakers making their way through the wildly changing Israel of the 1990s. The difference between these two historical contexts is reflected in the works emerging from them, as are some of the cultural constants. These are explored in this talk based on interviews and profiles of Israel's artists, their work, and the personalities behind their practice.