Homage to Khidekel

Mikhail Karasik, St. Petersburg artist, famous for his graphic works, lithographs and Artist's books, made a limited edition "Homage to Khidekel."

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It was a nice surprise to learn that Mikhail Karasik,  St. Petersburg artist, famous for his graphic works, lithographs and Artist's books, made a limited edition "Homage to Khidekel". Outstanding!

Mikhail Karasik Artist's Books (English)

Mikhail Karasik Artist's Books (Russian)

Martin Gittins, the UK architect, blogger and creator of Kosmograd - the online playground, dedicated on-line pages to Lazar Khidekel's works. He states that:

"Khidekel's vision still manage to look futuristic arguably more so than most of the Metabolists or Situationist projects that today feel retro-futurist, inextricably tied to the past. Khidekel's work remains endlessly floating towards the future".

Kosmograd News Feed

Lazar Khidekel's work is also included in the upcoming book of  Magnes Museum where Lazar Khidekel's exhibition "Surviving Suprematism" took place in  2004, Jewish Worlds: 100 Objects from The Magnes Collection by Alla Efimova in collaboration with Francesco Spagnol, Skira Rizzoli, 2014 (The Magnes Collection now affiliated with The Regents of the University of California).

There are so many materials on Internet about Lazar Khidekel coming from Russia and around the world. His popularity among the young artists, architects, and designers, is further evidence of the continuing importance of Suprematism and its original creators.